Zoho CRM Integration with Trello & Slack

ZOHO CRM Integration with Trello & Slack

We have completed a project about our recent work for our clients where we have created a button in ZOHO CRM that will help clients keep update their Trello & Slack accounts.

Trello is a famous project management application that is super flexible & easy to use to manage all the project-related work with your team members. It is a tool that turns your projects into boards. You can keep track of what project is going on, who is working on which projects, progress list of projects & so on.

Slack is a business communicating platform for projects & workplaces. It is a channel-based messaging tool that helps you connect with your team members & work with them more effectively.

In this following project, we have created a button ‘Add Task And Notify’ in Zoho CRM as per our client’s choice. When users update any fields in the lead module on their CRM, they will get an automatic update on their Trello board & also be notified on the Slack channel.

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